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AR Light ELF

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Improve the microcirculatory disturbance of nasal vascular relieve nasal allergy symptoms rapidly


AR Light Elf can relieve nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, itching, headache and other symptoms caused by allergy and relieve effectively nasal allergy symptoms for 10 minutes. By multiple used, It can achieve the purpose of preventing and treating allergic rhinitis. It is recommended to use twice a day when symptoms of allergic rhinitis occur, and gradually reduce the using frequency until the end of treatment.



Applying biocold Light source technology, the Light Elf is a bioelectronic energy instrument for the nasal-sensitive population. 630nm narrow band red light can enhance the bacteriophage ability of phagocytes, absorb edema from nasal tissue, and improve nasal ventilation. The narrow band red light can effect the migration of Ca ions inside and outside the cell and inhibit the production of reactive oxygen species (Ros), which can reduce the release of histamine and other harmful substances without the need of antihistamine. It can repair nasal mucous membrane damage effectively and improve capillary circulation disorder in nasal cavity. AR Light Elf effectively relieve the nasal allergy symptoms for only 10 minutes, can prevent and treat allergic rhinitis by multiple used.

There are abundant vascular networks in the nasal cavity and the blood flow of turbinate tissue is more than that of liver, brain, muscle and so on.
There are also abundant autonomic nerves in the nasal cavity, which can reflect and change the activity of brain and viscera.
There are many cells related to immune mechanism in nasal mucosa and submucosa, which can improve immune ability.
The nasal cavity is closely related to the skull cavity, which can activate 90% of the “sleep neurons” of brain neurons, so as to improve sleep.
Treat rhinitis directly;
There are many Meridian points: there are 6 Meridians around the nasal cavity, which can play a therapeutic effect, such as Stomach Channel of Foot-Yangming, 
         the Intestine Channel of Hand-Yangming, Small Intestine Channel of Hand Taiyang, and Governor Channel