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RBC Plus (4g x 30s)

RM 156.00

Is lack of blood a serious problem? Why do we need to enrich the blood?

Most people now suffer from Blood deficiency and lack of blood, especially women. People Nowadays cannot be relieved because of stress, lack of exercise, and poor sleep condition, and it is very easy to get Blood deficiency.


When your body lacks blood, you will easily get hair loss, your skin will be yellow and pale, your hands and feet will be cold easily, your menstrual will be discomfort, and your head will be swollen and tired often. Do not ignore all the signals sent from your body, Blood deficiency can lead to a decline in internal organs and also cause premature failure, the patient will also feel weak while breathing, dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue, heart palpitations, withered hair, and also short term memory.


The fastest way to improve the lack of blood situation, just drink RBC Plus :

• Help improve blood flow

• Effectively improve anemia symptoms

• Reduce blood pressure

• Prevent pigmentation

• Improve skin gloss and elasticity

• Nourish the spleen and stomach system

• Beautiful white skin, blood replenishment for menstruation

• Slow down aging and avoid slack skin

• Soothing  vision problems

• Enhance memory

• Protect cells from damage



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